Our First Look Inside the Beehive

Spring 2021

Tia - Apprentice Beekeeper
The beekeeper-opening-the-beehive-to-look-at-the-honeycomb
Opening up the beehive
Some daisies we spotted on the way to the bee hive

Tia, apprentice beekeeper, owner and creator of BeeKind Wax Products here. I was so excited to get my first look into one of the hives today!  The weather is warm enough now to open it up for the first time since it has been closed over Winter. 


This picture was in the bigger hive.  The capped cells have little bees growing inside.  You can see that some of the bees have their heads stuck into some of the cavities. They are gorging on honey because they have just been smoked and that makes them hungry.  The honey also helps to calm them down.

In the centre of the picture you can see a bigger bee with big big eyes.  This bee is a drone or a male bee.  The drones can be recognised by their size as they are bigger and they don’t have a stinger.  Their purpose is to mate another queen from a different hive.  They also regulate the temperature of the hive. Apart from that they are basically just fed and groomed and they have the life!!  However, they don’t have a long lifespan because as soon as they mate they die.

Most of the other bees in this picture are six months old.  They have a longer life span over the winter months.  Summer bees only live for about six weeks.

In this picture I have zoomed right into the uncapped cells.  You can see that the cells are not actually empty. These cells contain some recently laid eggs.  If you look very closely the eggs look like a grain of rice.  This is a sign that the Queen Bee has recently visited these cells and laid an egg.  We didn’t see the Queen today in either of the hives but that is not unusual.  The Queen  Bees tend to keep to themselves.  However, when you see that there is an egg of that size in the cell, you know that the Queen has been here within the last 3 days at least.  It’s very cool.